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Who’s Jac W.? is the first concept developed by Chef Joel Reiss and partners, Peter and Frank Pecora. Inspired by the eccentric feeling and vibe of the downtown LES, this uptown restaurant is designed to be a haven for the local crowd and a welcome option for anyone that seeks a fun atmosphere and cuisine with a modern American flair. Chef Joel Reiss is a career Chef with over 35 years of experience, from the decks of World Yacht at 16 years old to Executive Chef for many of the well known establishments of Artisanal, Park Avenue Café, S Prime Steakhouse, Maloney and Porcelli, Odeon and Orsay. Additionally, time spent traveling around the country and opening large-scale restaurants in Las Vegas, Florida, California and Maine have left their mark and inspiration. 

Who’s Jac W.? is a labor of love with every detail hand picked and cultivated to create a sense of mystery and creativity. We are located in Yorkville on 84th and 2nd Avenue. There is no need to travel downtown any longer for a funky vibe and a modern culinary experience with fresh, seasonal ingredients.